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Informetica Tech is the place where we cater to all your basic information needs in Windows and to enlighten you about the latest games and provide you with free intros.


We will release insightful articles to help you catch up to the hottest games, and help you troubleshoot your Windows and Game problem, release stunning free intros templates and website making services.


Our website is a newly launched solution to all problems in the Windows OS and PC games of a vast range. Operated by trained professionals, Informetica Tech is one of the best gaming and Windows solution that you can find.


At Informetica Tech, our goal is to help you with all the problems that you face with the Windows OS and in PC games. Our vision is to create harmony where there will be no problem to use Windows in a hassle-free way, and play games in a relaxing way without having to bother about bugs.



  • Reviews on latest games.

  • Game Bug-Fixing.

  • Windows problem Troubleshooting.

  • Providing free Intro(Sony Vegas, Cinema 4D and After Effects temapltes.) 

  • Information on Latest gadgets.

  • Game Walkthroughs.

  • Website Making Services

  • Video Tutorials on Photoshop and More


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